The Ever Evolving Pr New York Arena


The Ever-Evolving PR New York Arena


Kevin Waddel

The PR New York scene has certainly changed in the past few years. Not long ago, it was all about scoring press clippings. Today, PR New York firms utilize every available method to communicate a company’s story and meet a client s business objectives and communications goals.

PR New York firms have clearly evolved and require expert teams of seasoned professionals to handle every communications need, from social media to mainstream press, developing local, national and international public relations campaigns to audience-specific outreach efforts, connecting clients with key influencers, launching or repositioning products and services, media training, crisis management, and corporate communications including M&A (merger or acquisition) for your employees, investors and clients.


PR New York firms are placing a high value on the relationships with their clients and the media and work hard to ensure that these relationships thrive. A strong work ethic, teamwork, honesty and accountability are valued. In addition, the need to meet or exceed public relations goals has never been greater than it is today given the highly competitive world in which operate.

On the PR New York scene, clients are looking for pragmatic, reliable, professional and extraordinarily well connected professionals, professionals that maintain working relationships with the local and overseas media and analysts clients need to reach. In addition, clients are requiring an insider’s understanding of their industries. Not only that but the media is requiring that those of the PR New York scene understand their needs and don’t waste their time.

Beyond short-lived buzz, a company’s unique value story must be kept continually in front of the media and target customers utilizing all marketing channels from social media to industry and mainstream press.

Clearly PR New York practitioners have evolved from flacks and press agents and have become true strategic and marketing partners.

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