That Winning Combination


byAlma Abell

There is nothing more rewarding than a job well done, especially in business. When your employees do a great job of bringing in business, selling your product or doing something that puts your company in a positive light it should be rewarded. Also, long service is something that is rare, these days and hard to find. Loyal workers are as rare as chickens teeth and to keep them happy it is worth rewarding them with some kind of honor once in a while.

Your ‘award’ can be in any form, including a bonus check, but there are so many other cool options these days that can be given as a small token that the employee can keep on their desk as a reminder that they are valued by you. A trophy, an engraved plaque or a desk accessory can make your employee extremely happy, as well as giving them something to keep and show their friends and family.


Corporate Thank You’s

Corporate awards in Columbus, OH and every other city in the country are usually awarded for reaching successful goal and conclusions. They can also be awarded for service length, achievements and product development. Receiving an award can boost an employee’s confidence as well as productivity. There is a certain level of prestige that accompanies an award, and when a company is presenting a corporate award it is usually to someone deserving.

Corporate thank you’s can include all manner of toys, gifts, promotional items or plaques and trophies. Any items can be turned into a commemorative reward item, including a clock, a name plate or name bar, personalized gold pens, paperweights, mirrors and many more.

Some of the more artsy style of award can be made from glass. Cut glass crystal is an expensive yet quality made glass product that be in the shape of a vase, glass plates, drinking vessels, Jade crystal and paperweights with blown glass artistry inside. You can also have the glass set into a plaque of sorts or a wooden display with a plaque attached, containing the recipients’ name. If you prefer marble or acrylic style gifts you can choose from those as an option too and all you have to do is look through any appropriate list of available designs and items.

American Awards offers a number of options and styles of Corporate awards in Columbus, OH.