Moore Chengdu Parkson Will Build The First Theme Mall Shoes


By Lanbo Jiang

This time last year, Chengdu, why the media is still hot “Chengdu made” shoes hard into the large department store in Chengdu. And this year, two months later, “Chengdu made” shoes not only incursions into the department store, and the “Army” way of fighting the raging From Moore Parkson was informed that the mall will be the new Times Square store in Moore to create the first Women Chengdu mall? “Chengdu Women theme malls,” This is not just “the Chengdu made Women” the first large scale access to the main business district is located in Chengdu, the department stores, department stores also means the team the first comprehensive intervention “Chengdu made shoes,” the sales market. Obviously, the more professional operations team, a wider range of brands Jina force, and modern retail stores advanced management methods, will allow the “Chengdu made shoes” This “exit”, has determined to win the lung power.

Move Into Urban Areas of Chengdu Shoes Mall Strong Rise of Hypermarkets

It is understood, will debut in Chengdu shoes mall, located in the new Times Square store Parkson Moore. Here, in Wenwu Road, Xinhua Road and Shuncheng Street North exit junction, east Luoguo Lane, west of the city main road Shuncheng Street, south of the East to fight copper Street, north of the city, Xinhua Avenue, civil and military sections of main road. This site is the “Chengdu made shoes” from an industrial scale since the city within the “outlet” take the form of the best location. At the same time, “Chengdu made” shoes shopping centers throughout the scale, from quantitative to qualitative change, a new leap forward.

I understand from mole Parkson to build the “Chengdu shoes shopping theme,” is the first in Chengdu, shoes (including leather, leather goods) the main theme of shopping, dining, clothing, accessories and leisure items such as integrated support services in one, full of joy in life is to meet the diverse needs of a fashion mall. According to the Market Square planning, Shoe Town Phase Shoes (leather, leather goods category) investment area of nearly 4000?, Located in the shopping floor, bringing together men and women fashion shoes, children shoes, casual shoes, handbags nearly 50 brands. After an investment, shopping malls will be hot for the consumer market, brand and cultural characteristics, overall planning and post investment brand shoes, so that a new era of Moore store, into a “Chengdu made” Women’s shoes as the leading theme of shopping.


To Create a More Casual Fashion with the First Pair of Shoes Still

It is understood that, in addition to record “first opened in downtown Port shoes outlet”, the Moore Parkson to build the “shoes theme malls”, also set a number of other high profile “first.” These “first”, not only great news value, more importantly, will directly affect the future operations of theme malls shoes popular, and the future stability and supporting management.

It is reported that, as the first major brand shoes from the local convergence of Chengdu city center theme retail stores, Parkson Moore makes “shoes shopping theme,” is a professional department store in Chengdu, the first theme mall operator instead of shoes. Over the years, the retail brand in the world’s game market in Chengdu, Moore Parkson moving steadily, to become shop in recent years, Sichuan, the largest number of department store industry, radiation city one of the most extensive retail stores. Qualified by such a strong team of department store operator, “Chengdu made” shoes theme malls, the Chengdu made shoes will not only sell the industry, bringing more advanced store management operations, the same time, will bring a more professional marketing plan , product planning, event management, injected into the Chengdu made shoes in marketing.

In the center of shopping for shoes, in addition to good looking shoes, leisure entertainment package is the main center of consumption. It is understood that the new Times Square store Parkson Moore “theme shoes mall”, the theme will be the first famous for their shoe and cosmetic, food, combined with the store’s female consumer. Over the past go it alone “Chengdu made” shoes, with Watson’s, KFC, WOWO supermarkets, coffee together and build a richer consumer level, spatial distribution more reasonable consumer space. Consumers all over to buy not only sold in the world’s leading style, dazzling, fair prices, “Chengdu made shoes”, but also the same as the outlet store, choose cosmetics, eating fast food, coffee, water and soil.

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