Gas Station Insurance Options


By Solomon Williams

Whether you’re looking to set up a new gas station or just want a better deal, finding the best gas station insurance should be an integral part of your financing decisions. Gas stations operating without the proper insurance policies could be fined large amounts of money when discovered and, if something should go wrong, then it could cost considerably more. Small business insurance offers some of the liability and general insurance required for running a gas station, but not all so be sure that you request a quote for an insurance policy that includes all of the essentials.

Permits And Insurance

There are many permits that you will need to have acquired before you can establish a gas station. You will need to get some before you can store the gas, others before you can open to the public, and yet more before you can actually sell the gas. What’s more, if you intend to offer any other services (the sale of other items in your gas store, or car washes) then you will need the appropriate permits for these too. In order to gain many of these permits there are insurance requirements that need to be met first. As such, you will be unable to successfully operate a gas station without the proper insurance.

Liability Insurance


You will also need employee’s and public liability insurance. Depending on your state and required permits these may or may not be a necessary prerequisite to gain a particular permit, but you must have them to legally operate a small business of this nature. While budget is obviously an important consideration it is always better to be safe than sorry. Paying a little more on your insurance premium could save you a much greater amount of money in the future so consider your current situation and the likelihood of ever needing your insurance.

Environmental Insurance

Some, in fact many, states may require that you have environmental insurance in case of spillage or leaks. Separate storage tank insurance is also an option that you might want to consider. Insurance is likely to be a major factor in your operating expenses but it cannot and should not be avoided or scrimped in order to save a few dollars.

More Services Usually Means More Insurance

If your gas station also doubles up as a convenience store selling groceries, lottery tickets, and even liquor then there are insurance policies that cover these too. The best alternative is to find a company that can provide gas station insurance to include the majority or, better still, all of these options. A tailored insurance policy can even include protection against vehicle damage to your building, storage tank pollution, and much more.

Why Insurance Is Vital To Your Gas Station Business

Opening a gas station requires certain insurance policies. These policies need to cover everything from employee protection to public liability insurance as well as environmental and storage tank insurance. If you sell groceries or other items as well as gas then you should also include the necessary insurance for this type of business. The easiest option is to find an insurance company that will tailor a single insurance package to meet your needs.

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