Enhance Your Indoor Surface Protection With Zipwall Packs


Enhance your indoor surface protection with Zipwall Packs



Nowadays all are conscious about protecting the indoor surface of their homes. And for this purpose they opt for various indoor surface protectives from the market. Various protectives are available in the construction industry to give protection to your space. You can get breathable carpet protection, construction board, floor peel, foot tracks, static sheeting, tub coat, ventilation protection, Zipwall packs and many other types for your home.

Reason to choose Zipwall

There are several reasons why people want to have Zip walls for their homes. First of an immediate barrier is formed that helps to control dust by separating the worksite from various other areas. Beside it is extremely convenient to use. Just a single person is required to assemble the entire system within five minutes. Moreover it is extremely cost effective that prompts people to opt for it. This protective is best suitable for carpentry, demolition, floor finishing, painting and many other construction works.


Different types

Now if you like to have Zipwall packs, you can avail different types either online or from the market. Let s check out the various packs including Zipwall 4 Pack Plus, Zipwall Facility Pack and Zipwall Heavy Duty Zipper Pack. All these packs provide extra protection to your surface.

Zipwall 4 Pack Plus

If you buy this pack you will get 4 spring-loaded poles, 4 grips to hold poles in the right place, foam edges, 2 zippers and a carry bag. The foam edges offer an airtight seal between drop cover and ceiling. The zippers provide an open access to the space enclosed by the drop sheet. And the carry bag is right there for easy portability. In this pack, telescopic twist and lock poles can be extended up to 12 feet. You have to use the zip wall zipper for creating a re-sealable entry into the working place. Again you also need to make use of the Zipwall Grips for securing poles on polished surfaces.

Zipwall Facility Pack

This one is perfect for making a dust barrier. In this pack, you will get 12 foot spring loaded SLP poles that hold plastic cover with the ceiling. Beside you will also get 6 SLP poles, 1 reel pack with caution tape, 6 grips, 6 tape clips and also a carry bag. You can also use the zip wall as a support structure to tie up the caution tape and the reel for enclosing a space.

Zipwall Heavy Duty Zipper Pack

It also helps to create a strong dust barrier on job sites within just a few minutes. You don t have the requirement for any tape, ladder or special tool for this pack. The unique zipper system with self-adhesive properties helps to quickly create custom-sized zipper opening for your easy and convenient access. The easy slide zipper teeth and the two-sided pulls help you to get the easy access. Moreover this Zipwall has a greater adhesive area and can withstand cold weather conditions.

Choose the right pack for your need and effectively protect your inner space. You can also try foundation wrap for protecting your surface.

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