Answering Your Questions After Tubal Reversal Surgery}


Answering Your Questions – After Tubal Reversal Surgery



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Many questions come up about things that happen after tubal reversal surgery. There are questions about what happens immediately after the operation, how soon certain activities can be resumed, and some questions have to do with getting pregnant and what happens then. Below you will find the answers to three of these questions about what happens after tubal reversal sugery.

How long does it take to recover following tubal reversal?While some tubal reversal surgeons may tell you there is a three day recovery period in the hospital after tubal reversal surgery followed by six or more weeks of limited activities, if you use a surgeon who performs these surgeries every day you will find a different answer. Drawing upon the experience of the leading surgeon in the field, you will first find the surgery is done on an outpatient basis, meaning you go home or back to your hotel the day of surgery. Following a check up by the doctor or a nurse the next day, you can fly home. Yes, this doctor has patients from all over the world.After this point there is usually a five to 10 day spell before you can return to normal activities. However, you have had abdominal surgery, so you need to limit your lifting to less than 15 pounds for a month. This is no different than other surgery such as gall bladder surgery. However, everyone does heal differently and what one person can do within a week, another may not be able to do for three.How about resuming exercise (weight lifting, ab work & cardio)?As mentioned above, you are limited to lifting less than 15 pounds for a month. Realize your body is still healing. Don’t strain your abdominal muscles with exercises such as sit ups or leg lifts even if they were not cut depending upon how your surgeon accomplishes the task. You could find like one patient reported that even for biking it was about three weeks after tubal reversal surgery before she could resume and another two for weight lifting. Be aware of what your body tells you and don’t push too fast.Does tubal reversal surgery increase the chances for a c-section?This is a fear that has shown up in posts on the after tubal reversal forum. As one patient pointed out, your uterus is not being cut so you do not have to worry about the scarred tissue there and being able to expand. In the case of the leading tubal reversal surgeon, neither are your abdominal muscles cut during the operation. In his case, he actually separates the muscles by cutting the connective tissue which allows for the much speedier recovery mentioned above.To keep this article from getting too long, we’ll stop here. More questions can be answered in other articles which will be available on the Internet. However, these questions and answers about what happens after tubal reversal surgery should help you make your decision concerning tubal reversal and if you would like to proceed with this surgery.

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Answering Your Questions – After Tubal Reversal Surgery}